Feed Our Future



Our mission at Fame & Fragrance is to reduce the number of individuals experiencing hunger across Canada and the United States. Ultimately as we grow we hope to expand our efforts across the world and have a global impact.


For many of us hunger or famine is not something we think about on a regular basis. Many of us have adequate amounts of food available when needed. Many of us have never even experienced hunger. However the number of individuals, from all walks of life, who live in this reality that many of us take for granted is astronomical.  


A large number of the individuals who experience hunger are children, who do not have the means necessary to take action against this issue. High quality, nutritious food is an essential pillar of life, and without it the whole would is at risk. Humanity is at risk of losing the next great inventor, the next great leader, the next ground breaking scientist or doctor. The list goes on. Who knows who could have done what in this world if one of the most basic elements of life was a daily struggle for them. 


For every item purchased, Fame & Fragrance will provide 3 meals to individuals experiencing hunger throughout Canada & the United States. Together with your help, we can reduce the number of individuals who face this daily challenge.